Porsche 928 Cylinder Head Resurfacing

Cylinder head refacing dimensions and identification

New dimension



Refacing dimension



Identification: "N"

Engrave on exhaust side between cylinder 2 and 3 as well as 6 and 7, respectively, on the casting lug below the cylinder head cover sealing surface.

Height of "N" character: 6 mm

Machining cylinder-head mating face (32-valve engines)

Printed in Germany-XXIX, 1992

7.Roughen valve guides with Special Tool 3120.

Proceed as follows:

It is essential to use petroleum as a lubricant when roughening valve guides. During this operation, withdraw reamer frequently to remove chips. Once bore has been reamed, finish with dry reamer.

8.The valve-seat rings must be remachined when the valve guides have been replaced. It is not sufficient to grind in the valves with grinding paste.


Distinguishing feature, cylinder head

'85/'86 models '87 models onward M 28.43/44/45/46 M 28.41/42

Bearing bridge attachment, M 6 H 8

Exhaust manifold attachment

2-bolt flange 3-bolt flange

Resurface Cylinder Head Quotes

Machining cylinder-head mating face (32-valve engines)

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