Changes (values) in model year '87/88 Valve arrangement

Valve actuation

Camshaft drive

Timing { 1 mm lift, zero play)

Fuel octane rating

Blower drive CIutch

DIMENSIONS Length 'rack: Front Pear

Overhang angle:

2 intake, 2 exhaust, overhead V

2 overhead camshafts and hydraulic bucket tappets

Toothed belt and internal chain

Intake opens Intake closes Exhaust opens Exhaust closes

RON/MON 95/85 unleaded

11 degrees after TDC 36 degrees after BDC 17 degrees before BDC 2 degrees before TDC

Australia 91/82 unleaded

Double electric fans

Single-plate dry clutch with diaphragm spring, extended, mounted on engine

(Curb weight to DIN)

4520/177.95 (4523/178.07)

with rims

14.1 degrees

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