Voltage supply, lock hydraulics

Voltage supply for the lock hydraulics (energy production) is via a fuse and a relay. The relay and fuse are located in the spare-wheel well.

PSD - Fault display I Troubleshooting procedure

Fault display

Troubleshooting procedure

If the ABS/PSD control unit detects a fault in the electronically controlled limited-slip dif-

Read out the DTC memory with system tester 9288 and remedy the fault if necessary. This is described on Page D39-223 ff.

ferential (PSD), the PSD is switched off for safety reasons and the following fault display appears in the display fields of the information system:

If only the PSD is switched off (ABS OK) and no fault is stored in the ABS/PSD DTC memory, the fault lies in the lock hydraulics (energy production).

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