24 - 212 Equipment Chart - LH-Jetronic XIX,1987 -

Printed in Germany

CHECKING IDLE - USA - arid cars with catalytic converters '87 MODELS ONWARD ENGINE TYPE M28. 41/42


It is no longer necessary to adjust the idle speed and CO level of USA cars and cars with catalytic converters. Do not disconnect the oxygen sensor plug for the idle speed CO level check.

Test requirement:

Engine in perfect mechanical condition. Switch off all consumers during adjustment. Make adjustments as quickly as possible to avoid excessive heat at intake ports which would produce wrong CO values. Intake air temperature 15 -35°C/59 - 95°F.

l.Push exhaust-gas extraction line over CO-connector of cylinders 1-4 or cylinders 5-8 in engine compartment.

2.Run engine to operating temperature (70 - 90°C oil temperature). Use oil-temperature tester, Special Tools 9122 + 9122/2.

Ready Heater Heat Plug Wire Diagram

3.Do not disconnect oxygen sensor plug. Connect CO meter and separate rev. counter in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

Idle speed 675 + 25 rpm

Porche 924 1987 Cradle Srares

Printed in Germany - XVI,1987 Checking Idle, USA Cars and 24 - 213

Cars with Catalytic Converters

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