Engine, Crankshaft, Pistons


Installation must be performed carefully and with feeling. If too much resistance is encountered, interrupt installing procedures, check rings and start again.


Different tolerance groups could be used in one engine.

Tolerance Group of Pistons and Cylinders

Checking Connecting Rod Radial Play

1. Only match pistons and cylinders having the same tolerance group.

2. Note cylinder marks on engine block.

1. Remove connecting rod cap, clean bearing shell and connecting rod bearing journal to remove oil. Place Plastigage having width of bearing on crankshaft journal in axial direction. Install bearing cap carefully and tighten to specified torque.


Do not turn crankshaft while measuring.

2. Remove connecting rod cap. Width of flattened Plastigage is read off of measuring scale which corresponds with bearing play.

Wear limit: 0.10 mm a = Cylinder mark (arrangement) b = Tolerance group

3. Note piston marks on piston skirt.

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