Porsche 928 Engine Rotation

Printed in Germany - XII, 1986 Camshaft Setting, Checking and 15 - 131


Cylinder bank 1-4


ENGINE TYPE M28. 43/44/45/46


Timing belt tensioned as specified. Specification: 5.0 + 0.3 scale gradations.

l.Turn engine in direction of rotation to TDC (cylinder No. 1).


Both distributor fingers point left in forward direction of travel.

2.In this position, the marks on the camshaft gears and the flange bearings must also be aligned.

Cylinder bank 1-4

Cylinder bank 5-8

3.At the same time, check the marks (older engines) or noses (newer engines) on the camshafts. Both marks point toward exhaust side.

15 - 132 Checking and Adjusting Cam- XIII, 1986 - Printed in Germany shaft Setting

Cylinder bank 1-4

Cylinder bank 5-8

4.Mount gauge with holder VW 387 on cylinder head. Set gauge to 0 with 5 mm pretension on hydraulic tappet of cylinder 1 intake valve.

Cylinder bank 1-4

Correct setting 1.6 + 0.1 mm

Place gauge on hydraulic tappet of cylinder 6 intake valve.

Cylinder bank 5-8 Specified value: 2.0 + 0.1 mm


The gauge must be aligned perpendicular to the intake valve.

Printed in Germany -XII, 1986 Camshaft Setting, Checking and Adjusting

5.Turn the crankshaft on past TDC (cylinder 1) while observing gauge. Continue turning engine until the lift is 1.6 + 0.1 mm. The 20° (after TDC, cylinder 6) mark must now be aligned with the index mark on the camshaft drive belt cover.

6.If the components are not aligned, proceed as follows:


Cylinder bank 1-4

1.Install 3 extra M5 x 15 bolts to hold camshaft wheel, so as to prevent the camshaft wheel or camshaft turning when the retaining bolts are slackened.

2.Turn crankshaft in its usual direction of rotation until the gauge shows a lift of 1.6 + 0.1 mm.

3.Slacken camshaft retaining bolts, bolts must be countered. Slacken provisional M 5 bolts.

15 - 134 Camshaft Setting, Checking and Adjusting

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