1980 Porsche 928 Circuit Tape For Instrument

13. Wrap up entire connection joint area using commercially available PVC tape.

Right-hand front

1. Disconnect battery.

2. Remove right-hand front wheel.

3. Remove right-hand front wheel housing liner.

4. Cut off combination wire at the wheel housing grommet and remove combination wire.

5. Undo Central Electrical System and move out of the way towards the rear.

6. Pull wire (above Central Electrical System) Inwards.

7. Cut open insulating tube up to the connecting points.

8. Remove shrlnk-flt caps from connecting points.

9. Cut off connector.

10. Install repair wire, starting from the wheel housing end.

11. Strip wires along a length of 10 mm.

12. Connect wiring according to table, using crimp connectors and standard crimping tool (A).

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