Inspecting Protective Caps Of Ball Joints On Control Arms And Track Rods

The rubber protective caps of the front-axle ball joints may be damaged by external influences, e.g. flying stones, or during assembly. If a protective cap is damaged, the joint in question - upper or lower control arm, track rods - must be renewed, as the action of dirt or moisture will destroy the joint. For this reason, we also call attention to the routine listed in the vehicle maintenance plan:

"Inspect seating and operation of all joints to steering gear, track rods, suspension links and joints, as well as the leaktightness of the protective caps".

We recommend that the protective caps of the joints be checked whenever work is carried out on the front axle (visual inspection).

Inspecting Rubber Protective Caps of Control Arm Ball Joints:

1.Raise car on hoist, steering lock disengaged.

2.Turn front wheels to lock.

3.Inspect visible areas on left and right after cleaning. Concealed cracks are revealed by pinching the rubber cap with the fingers. 4.Turn front wheels to opposite lock and inspect other half of rubber caps.

In the vicinity of the brake cover plates, a small area cannot be inspected visually. Check this area by hand.

Porsche 928 Upper Ball Joint

Upper ball joint Lower ball joint


To avoid damaging the rubber boot of the lower ball joint (mounting) with a commercial puller, the steering knuckle has a press-off lug (only steering knuckles for floating brake calipers).

Steering knuckles without press-off lug have been discontinued and are no longer available as spare parts.

It is permissible to install the newest steering knuckle on one side only. Disassembly

Lower Ball Joint

When the securing nut is slackened (cap nut - previously normal self-locking hex nut) the pin of the ball joint is pressed out of the steering knuckle, because the cap nut acts against the press-off lug.

Use VW 267 a to press off as before (page 40 - 14).

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