Installing Automatic Transmission Section

If transmission (A) section is installed, the following parts must be transferred from the defective transmission to the new transmission.

1 — Front converter housing with mounting parts

2 — Torque converter

4 — Bearing assembly with drive pinion and mounting parts (replace O-ring)

1. Take transmission section out of crate and remove protective caps.


The outer seal between the transmission case and final drive is missing on transmission section for manufacturing reasons.

2. Drive in outer seal to correct position with Special Tool 9180 (also refer to page 37 • 34).


The outer seal must be installed so that its sealing lip and spring supporting the sealing lip face the final drive.

3. Install torque converter and front converter housing {see page 32 -1).

4. Redetermine thickness of shims for bearing assembly and install bearing assembly (see pages 39 -24 and 39 -29).

5. Adjust drive pinion and ring gear {see page

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