Installing Camshaft Drive Belt And Adjusting Timing


Make sure new drive belts are retightened after driving car approx. 1,000 km.

Installing Camshaft Drive Belt

1. Line up TDC mark on vibration damper with red indicator on cover by turning crankshaft clockwise.

4. Tighten camshaft drive belt to specifications with special tool 9131.

Engine Porsche 911 Timing Marks

5. Turn engine clockwise two turns to align red indicator and TDC mark.


Never turn engine anticlockwise, since this could destroy the camshaft drive belt tensioner.

6. Check position of marks.

7. Now tighten camshaft drive belt again.

8. Turn engine clockwise two turns to align red indicator and TDC mark.

9. Recheck.



The shape of teeth on drive belts for camshaft sprockets, oil pump sprocket and crankshaft sprocket has been changed to High Torque Drive (HTD).

Timing Marks Engine PorschePorsche 928 Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

HTD Camshaft Sprocket

Note: New HTD drive belts can also be used on older engines, if above mentioned sprockets with new tooth shape are used at same time.

Sprockets with different teeth shape should never be mixed.

Old Camshaft Sprocket

15-16 Drive Belts with HTD Teeth

(Beginning with 1983 Models)

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