Installing camshaft seal 87 models onward

Engine type M 28.41/42/47/49/50

1. Place sealing washers {lock pins M 28.49/50 as of MY '92) into bearing seats and fit bearing saddle with Loctite 574. Tightening torque: 20 Nm (15 ftlb)

2. After torquing the bearing bridge, install sealing cover with the aid of Special Tool 9234.

85 modeis onward Engine types

Engine Installed


If the sealing cover of an engine as of model year 85 (32 valve engines) leaks with the engine installed, the procedure for installing the cover is as follwos:

1. Place camshafts and sealing washers in bearing.

2. Apply Loctite 574 to bearing bridge and install. Place a 0.20 mm feeler gauge between bearing bridge and cylinder head and tighten bolts slightly by hand.

3. Apply a light film of oil to sealing cover and press on by hand. Tighten bearing bridge to specified torque.

M 6 bearing bridge 10 Nm (7.5 ftlb)

Mod. 85/86 M 8 bearing bridge 20 Nm (15 ftlb) from Mod. 87

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