Installing Piston And Connecting

Installed Position of Connecting Rods Installing Piston with Connecting Rod

4. Apply piston ring compressor.

Make sure that piston is positioned correctly when pre-assembling the connecting rod and piston. Piston must be installed that rounded surfaces of valve pockets face down.

5. Install piston with connecting rod in cylinder bore and knock into cylinder by applying light knocks from hammer1 s handle and applying firm pressure to edge of compressor.

The narrow side with a small chamfer must face neighboring connecting rod; wide side with large chamfer is aligned with crank.

1. Install both upper piston rings that their gaps are offset by 120

2. Install three-piece oil scraper ring as follows.

Spring offset to steel band by approx. 45° and steel band offset to steel band by at least 90 .

3. Lubricate piston and cylinder bore slightly.

4. Apply piston ring compressor.

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Installing Piston and Connecting Rod

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