Location Of Components

Jetronic Porsche 928 1982

1 — Pressure damper

2 — Pressure regulator (two)

5 — Throttle switch

6 — Auxiliary air regulator

8 — Temperature sensor 11

11 — Fuel injectors, right

12 — Blowoff switching valve

13 — Ignition control unit

14 — Ignition coils

15 — Speed/reference mark sensors

17 — TDC sensor test connection

18 — Fuel pressure test connection

19 - Distributor


Porsche 928 Jetronic


1 - Electronic ignition relay VIII (power supply for electronic ignition and LH control units)

2 - LH-Jetronic relay XVI (power supply for LH control unit and air flow sensor)

3 — Fuel pump relay XVII (power supply for fuel pump, auxiliary air regulator and fuel injectors)

4 — Fuse no. 13 = fuel pump, auxiliary air regulator

5 — Plug X, red (power supply for electronic ignition/LH)

Testi ng Conditions


Possible Causes of Defects

Engine in good operating condition

Battery charged

CJ cn 3

o CD

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