Location Of Relays And Electronic Controls In

Porsche 928s License Plate

Central Fuse / Relay Plate

The central fuse/relay plate is accessible after removal of a cover in footwell of front passenger's side.

Relay for electric seat's forward movement is located underneath the seat on the adjusting frame.

Porsche 928 Fuse And Relays Diagram

Fuses are numbered consecutively from left. 1o right and are designated S 1 through S 34 on the current flow diagram.

SI- Fog headlight

S 2 - Auxiliary headlight

S3- License plate light, engine compartment light

S 4 - Switch light (fog headlights, tail fog light, hazard light switch, rear window-wiper, rear window defogger), light for cigar lighter

S 5 - Cigar lighter, instrument lighl

S 6 - Windshield wipers, cleaning solution pump

S 7 - Rear window wiper

S 8 - Sliding roof

S 9 - Backup light, mirror control

S 10 - Stop lights, tempostat cruise control, bulb control unit

S 11 - Instruments and indicator lamps in instrument cluster, left

S 12 - Instruments and indicator lamps in instrument cluster, right

S 13 - Not occupied

S 14 - Seat adjustment

S 15 - Two-tone horns, antenna, rear window wiper return

S 16 - Condenser blower for ail conditioning

S 17 - Fresh air blower, magnetic coupling on compressor (air conditioning)

S 18 - Rear window defogger, outside mirror defogging

S 19 - Retractable headlight motor

S 20 - Headlight, cleaner pump

S 21 - Window controls

S 22 - Fuel pumps, warm-up regulator, throttle bypass valve

S 23 - Clock, glove box lamp, inside lights, make-up mirror light

S 24 - High beam headlight, left; high beam indicator lamp

S 25 - High beam headlight, right

S 26 - Low beam headlight, left

S 27 - Low beam headlight, right

S 28 - Marker lights, left

S 29 - Marker lights, light

S 30 - Front turn signals, left

S 31 - Rear turn signal, left

S 32 - Front turn signals, right

S 33 - Rear turn signal, right

S 34 - Tail fog light

Porsche 928 Fuse Box Diagram

Relays - identified with Roman numerals I through XXII on central fuse /relay plate

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