Porsche 928 Felt Guides

Tool s


Grinding head

Grinding oil

Felt inlay

Silicone compound

Storage box for felt inlays

Set of stone holders for felt inlays instead of grindstones

Set of stone holders for grindstones for 3 different types of stone

Set of felt holders instead of guide shoe

Rough-milling set

Finishing set

Polishing set

CK - 3000 or CK - 2600 MB - 30 or MAN - 845 C30 - F 85 1 Set AN - 30

AN - 35 stone holder set

CK - 3130 A 1 Set C30 - J55 ++ shorten to 70 mm long


Remove the upper guide shoe for all honing and lapping processes.

The excess must be removed from the bronze strip of main guide shoe No. 3 until the strip is flush with the guide shoe - base.

Machine Settings

Rough milling - see settings in column 1 of table. Finishing - see settings in column 2 of table. Polishing - see settings in column 3 of table. Lapping - to lay bare the silicon crystals.

1.Adjust the machine to the settings in column 4 of the test sheet.

2.Remove all abrasive particles from previous honing with filtered honing oil .

3.Wipe the cylinder bores dry and apply a thin coating of thoroughly mixed silicone compound.


If the silicone compound is too thick, it can be thinned by adding fresh honing oil and mixing thoroughly.

4.Holders with felt strips are now set into the grinding head instead of the guide shoes and honing stones.

Use a setting gauge to adjust the head to the cylinder diameter in the same way as when working with guide rails and honing stones.

5.Soak the felt in filtered honing oil and apply a coating of silicone compound.

6.Turn off the supply of grinding oil, the cylinders are lapped without grinding oil.

Machine the cylinders as follows:

Move the grinding head into the bore. Turn the adjusting wheel anticlockwise until the felt strips touch the bore. Start the machine and continue turning the handwheel anti-clockwise until the load gauge shows approx. 20 - 30 %.

Set the advance wheel scale to 20.

The machine will switch off automatically after approx. 80 seconds. The cylinder surface is now matt and dull.

Before starting on the next cylinder apply another coating of silicone compound to the felt.


If the holders with the felt inlays are not in use, they must be kept in the storage box so as to remain absolutely clean.

Never re-use the silicone compound,

Machining cylinders with SUNNEN - 10 / CV 616 honer


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