Manual transmission Gears and shafts

Disassembling and assembling input shaft 35-1

Disassembling and assembling pinion shaft 35-5

Determining shim thickness "X" 35-11

Determining shim thickness "Y" 35-13

Measuring Distance "Z" between input shaft and pinion shaft 35-15

Disassembling and assembling synchronizers 35-17

Disassembling and assembling countershaft Hub/Gears 35-21

Automatic transmission / Controls, Case

Removing and installing transmission 37-1

Removing and installing selector cable 37-9

Removing and installing selector lever cover frame 37-1 Oa

Adjusting selector cable 37-11

Cable and backup light switch operation 37-12

Removing and installing accelerator cabie 37-13

Adjusting throttle pressure cable 37-14

Neutral/park starting switch 37-15

Disassembling and assembling front converter housing 37-17

Removing and installing final drive housing 37-21

Removing and installing rear transmission case and rear converter housing 37-26a

Disassembling and assembling rear converter housing 37-27

Disassembling and assembling final drive housing 37-31

Disassemlbing and assembling transmission 37-35

Disassembling and assembling transmission case 37-45

installing automatic transmission section 37-53

Automatic Transmission / Gears, Valve Body

Checking transmission operation 38-1

Troubleshooting 38-11

Removing and installing valve body 38-21

Replacing ATF and filter 38-25

Flushing ATF cooler and lines 38-28

Disassembling and assembling centrifugal governor 38-29

Disassembling and assembling gear assembly 38-33

Disassembling and assembling clutch K 1 38-41

Disassembling and assembling clutch K 2 38-47


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