Modification On Unfinished Door Shell

The opening for the door safety light must be made in spare doors at the door pillar as shown in the case of former version door shells for cars from 1980 models.

Dimensions in mm.


Checking Power Supply

Finding Defective Side


The central locking system only works with the ignition turned off. If the ignition is turned on, the window lifting relay will interrupt the power supply to the controls.

Check fuse no. 21 and both line fuses (0. 4 A fine wire fuses) of left and right controls.

They are located in loose fuse holders behind the central electric board.

Both controls are connected with each other electrically and could influence each other when defective.

To prevent this, disconnect the multiple pin plug of the wire harness in the passenger's door to the right hand side of the central electric board.

Check function of electric locking system on driver's side to find the defective side.

If fuses rated 0.25 A or others have been installed, replace them with 0.4 A fuses.


The central locking system can only function properly when the lock mechanism moves easily, does not seize and the lock cylinders are okay.

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