Modifications to the cylinder head 32 valve

Printed in Germany - XXII, 1989

CYLINDER HEAD, INSTALLING (32-VALVE ENGINES) Cylinder head attached by means of threaded studs


The cylinder head can only be installed with the engine removed from the vehicle.

1.Place cylinder head gasket in correct position.

2.Install cylinder head

Torquing sequence (4 steps) see Fig.

Sequence for removal: reverse

1st step 20 Nm

2nd step 90°of rotation

3rd step 90°of rotation

4th step 90°of rotation

INSTALLING CYLINDER HEAD (32 VALVE ENGINE) Hexagon cylinder-head bolts


The cylinder head can also be installed with the engine in place. If both cylinder heads are to be removed and installed, it is advisable to remove the engine first.

1. Place cylinder-head gasket in position right way round.

2. Install cylinder head Torquing sequence: (3 stages) Removal sequence: reverse order

1st stage 20 Nrn (15 ftlb) 2nd stage 90° of turn 3rd stage 90° of turn

n i r r"prr
1st stage 20 Nm (15 ftlb)

2nd stage 90° of turn 3rd stage 90° of turn


As a rule, do not use lubricant when installing the cylinder-head nuts or hex bolts and washers. It is only necessary to apply a light coat of engine oil to the stud bolts or hex bolts.




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