No Work stepInstructions

Clean the vision areas Excess adhesive sealing compound must be removed immediately and the affected vision areas cleaned with cleaning solution (F3).

Remove the cover on the instrument panel

Install the A-column panels

Inser the A-column panels, clip in the headlining again by pressing up and insert sheet metal screws.

Fit the inside mirror

Push the inside mirror onto the fixing plate parallel to the windshield.

Fit the sun visors

Secure the sun visor bearings with sun visors on the right and left with three slotted oval trim-head tapping screws in each case.

Fit the cowl panel

Insert the cowl panel with seal and screw in the hexagon sheet metal screws with the corresponding washers. Secure the right and left ends of the cowl panel with one sheet metal screw and washer in each case.

Fit the top cover strip

Attach the adhesive tape and sealing tapes. Secure the top cover strip to the plug-in clips with fitted sleeves.

Install the water collection strip

Push the right and left water collection strips onto the holding rails. Produce a transition from the top cover strip to the right and left water collection strips by moving the sleeves.

Fit the wipers

Slip on the wipers, put on washers and screw tight with hexagon nuts.

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