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The new cylinder heads can be installed in pairs on older engines or only on one engine side together with the old version. The progressive valve springs with accessories must always be used on the new cylinder heads on both sides.

Old valve springs, discs, stem seals, guides and washers are still availabe.

Installed Length of 9 2 8 S Valve Springs with 1 White Stripe Beginning with 3.81


Use Special Tool 9138/1.

New Valve Springs - White Dot -

Intake valve Exhaust valve

Installed Length of 9 2 8 S Valve Springs with 2 or 3 White Stripes Beginning with 3.82

New Valve Springs - 1 or 2 White Stripes -

Intake valve 41.0+ 0.5 mm

Exhaust valve 40.0+ 0.5 mm

New installed lengths are not given on Special Tool 9138/1 "Valve Spring Adjuster", so that when reaching "41.5 or 40.5 mm" one more 0.5 mm shim has to be added.


New valve springs with 2 or 3 white stripes may only be used together with new spring retainers and guides.

Spring Retainer

Guide Disc

bisher^ 2 5,60 m bisher 0 34,2 mm neu ,0"34,4 mm bisher^24,6 .-nm neu ,^25.5mm bisher^ 2 5,60 m

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