Possible causes for too rich a mixture

System pressure too high

No partial vacuum at the pressure regulator Injection valve does not close Blockage in the return line to the fuel tank Misfiring

Short-circuit to positive, Lambda probe

Error code 1124

This error code indicates that the Lambda control has detected that the mixture is too lean.

Possible causes for too lean a mixture

Short-circuit to ground, Lambda probe

Air infiltration on the intake side

Air infiltration on the exhaust side before the Lambda probe

Injection valve does not open Fuel pressure too low

Error code 1125

This error code indicates a fault in the area of the Lambda probe.

Possible faults:

Short-circuit to ground Short-circuit to positive Break in the circuit

Testing the Lambda probe signal


Disconnect the Lambda probe plug Note:

Only use a digital voltmeter to measure the voltage of the Lambda probe, or use a comparable measuring device with an internal resistance (Ri) of not less than 10 Mil.

Measure the voltage between pin 1 and ground.

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