Possible faults

Break in the circuit Short-circuit to ground

If this load signal Is not received by the EZK control unit, ignition is retarded in the partial load area and full load area.

Control value for an intact load signal

In the event of a fault, check the cable harness with reference to the circuit diagram.

Error code 2126

This error code indicates a fault in the area of the transmission safeguard switch.

Error code 2131 and error code 2132

These error codes indicate a fault in the area of the knock sensors.

Error code 2131 Knock sensor 1

Error code 2132 Knock sensor 2

Error testing of the knock sensors is an active error test, i.e. the error test is carried out while driving.

If there is a fault, first check the wiring for short-circuit to ground, short-circuit to positive and continuity, with reference to the circuit diagram, before replacing knock sensors.

Possible faults

Switch defective Short-circuit to ground


See repair manual, checking the transmission safeguard switch, Page 28 - 70.

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