PSD Electronically controlled Porsche limitedslip differential


Test point Title Page

PSD layout D39-202a

Component layout D39-202b

PSD - fault display / troubleshooting procedure D39-202c

1 Bleeding condition of lock control D39-202d

{Re-bleeding lock operating hydraulics / point 2 on P. D39-202d)

2 Measuring plate wear of controlled limited-slip differential D39-202e

3 Checking locking torque (friction coefficient) of transverse lock D39-203

4 Checking pilot pressure valve in the lock hydraulics (lock operation) D39-215

5 Lateral acceleration sensor (mounting/testing) D39-219

6 PSD - Diagnosis with system tester 9288 D39-223

7 Checking lock hydraulics D39-247

Pressure test on lock hydraulics D39-251

Replacing the pressure warning switch D39-257

Replacing the pressure reservoir D39-259

PSD layout

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