Porsche 928 Psd Abs Failure

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Vehicles with PSD Printed in Germany XXXV, 1995

Possible fault displays via system tester 9288

DTCs of the PSD and ABS

DTC Fault type System allocation

11 Transverse lock valve PSD

12 Lateral acceleration sensor - PSD short circuit/discontinuity

13 Lateral acceleration sensor - PSD signal implausible

14 Transverse lock - deviation PSD

15 Control unit - defective ABS/PSD

21 Wheel speed sensor, front left ABS/PSD

22 Wheel speed sensor, front right ABS/PSD

23 Wheel speed sensor, rear right ABS/PSD

24 Wheel speed sensor, rear left ABS/PSD

31 ABS valve, front left ABS

32 ABS valve, front right ABS

33 ABS valve, rear axle ABS

34 Valve relay (hydraulic unit) ABS/PSD

35 Return pump (hydraulic unit) ABS

Notes on troubleshooting

Troubleshooting / fault description for the above faults are explained under PSD diagnosis/Troubleshooting in Repair Manual Vol. 3 (Transmission) (Page D39-223).

Faults occurring in the high-pressure hydraulics of the PSD (lock operation) are not stored in the DTC memory of the ABS / PSD control unit. Troubleshooting / fault description is also included in Repair Manual Vol. 3 (Page D39-247).

Vehicles with PSD

Printed in Germany XXXV, 1995

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