Operating Instructions for System Tester 9288

1. General information

1.1 Application

The Systemtester 9288 (BOSCH KTS 301) is a microprocessor-controlled self-diagnosis tester.

AI! systems wh ich have a diag nosis interface as per ISO Sta nda rd ca n be tested with this tester. The following tests are possible:

• Reading out the fault memory

• Testing of the actuators

• Testing the circuit inputs

• System adaptation

• Engine-knock detection

• Sensor and status checks, tire-pressure monitoring (RDK}

1.2 Construction (Fig. 1}

The Systemtester 9288 is a high-quality piece of electronic equipment. In order to prevent damage to the equipment as a result of improper use, please read the information in the operating instructions carefully and comply with it.

In addition, the instructions (specifications! of the vehicle manufacturer are also to be observed.

If the tester should fail, check the following points before sending it in for repair:

1. Has the tester been operated incorrectly?

2. Is the batlery sufficiently charged ?

3. Is the adapter cable OK ?

(Please note when checking the adapter cable that a highly sensitive electronic matching circuit is installed in the vicinity of the 19-pole plug).





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