Remachining Cylinder Bores In The Crankcase Top Half

The crankcase top half is made of an aluminum alloy which contains minute particles of pure silicon.

In order to give the cylinder the proper surface qualities, the cylinder bores must be machined until the silicon particles protrude from the aluminum so that the pistons and rings only make contact with the silicon.

If it is necessary to remachine the cylinder bores, they can be regenerated with the SUMMEN CK - 10 / CV - 616 cylinder borer, so that oversize pistons can be installed.

Individual cylinder bores can be remachined as required, as the oversize pistons are of the same weight as the standard pistons.

Always check that pistons of the correct size are in stock before machining the cylinder, and if necessary, machine the cylinder to suit the size of piston available. Bottlenecks may arise in the delivery of individual tolerance groups.

The following operations are required:

Rough-milling to 0.1 mm less than final size. Dressing to 0.02 mm less than final size. Polishing to final size Lapping with Sunnen silicone compound.

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