Removing And Installing Chain Tensioner For Camshafts

1. Unscrew and remove cross strut.


Car must be on its wheels - cross strut has tension.

2. Remove air intake hoses and complete air cleaner.

3. Loosen hose clamps on intake air distributor and vacuum pipe. Pull off and lay suction pump aside. Loosen hose clamps on intake air distributor and intake pipe, and take off intake air distributor.

4. Unscrew suspension eye on engine only at rear left.

5. Pull off spark plug connectors and take ignition leads out of holder on cylinder head cover. Unscrew and remove cylinder head cover.

Porsche 928 Engine Vacuum


Note that some bolts are with and some without a seal when unscrewing the cylinder head cover.

6. Unscrew and remove hollow union bolt with check valve on cylinder head. A seal is only used underneath the bolt head. Unscrew and remove chain tensioner on cylinder head.

Removing and Installing Chain Tensioner for Camshafts


Chain tensioner piston has spring force. Compress piston when removing and bind together with a suitable piece of wire after removing.

Chain tensioner piston on righthand side for cylinders 1 to 4 presses the chain up; on lefthand side for cylinders 5 to 8 down. Tighten chain tensioner with specified torque after installation.

15-130 Removing and Installing Chain Tensioner for Camshafts




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