Removing And Installing Clutch Pedal

1. Move seat back and steering wheel up to make procedures easier. Remove shelf if applicable.

2. Disconnect return spring on brake pedal. Remove shafts for brake and clutch push rods.

3. The guide rod for clutch power spring has an assembly bore. Operate clutch pedal far enough (press down) until bore has cleared the bearing. Insert 3 mm dia. wire through bore (in this position) to take spring force off of pedal.

5. Remove brake and clutch pedals after sliding out the bearing shaft.


1. Check needle bearing, bearing shaft, retainers, stops, all sleeves and shafts, replacing if necessary. Coat all bearing and sliding surfaces with a multipurpose grease.

2. Install pedals.


Bearing shaft can only be pushed in fully, if surfaces on bearing shaft and console are aligned.

3. Place complete clutch power spring/guide rod in console and mount on clutch lever.

4. Take assembly wire out of guide rod and move clutch pedal to final stop.

5. Mount clutch and brake push rod on pedals. Connect return spring for brake pedal. Check push rod play, correcting if necessary. See pages 30 - 1 and 46 -9.

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