Removing And Installing Clutch

Changing The Clutch Porsche 928sReference Mark Sensor 928

1. Disconnect ground strap at battery.

2. Jobs required additionally beginning with 1984 models:

Remove TDC sensor on clutch housing by taking off air cleaner, loosening screw and pulling TDC sensor out of clutch housing. On cars with LH-Jetronic pull speed/ reference mark sensor for electronic ignition out of crankcase upper section while turning back and forth, after loosening the screw.

4. Unscrew clutch slave cylinder, remove clamp on clutch hose holder and take out cylinder with line connected.

Clutch must not be operated as long as slave cylinder is removed.

3. Remove lower body brace, if applicable.

5. a) Before 1983 Models

Remove cover for clutch housing with starter and suspend from stabilizer. If applicable, also remove converter (modified shape).

Porsche 928 Lower Body Brace

5. a) Before 1983 Models

Remove cover for clutch housing with starter and suspend from stabilizer. If applicable, also remove converter (modified shape).

5. b) Since 1983 Models

(Modified Starter Installation) Remove starter or loosen starter and suspend it from car. Take off clutch housing cover. If applicable, also remove catalytic converter.

7. Remove release bearing sleeve mounting bolts and push sleeve toward flywheel.

8. Mark position of pressure plate, intermediate plate and flywheel in relation to each other for installation later. For dowel pin centered clutches drive the cylindrical pins in direction of pressure plate with a punch far enough so that they are beyond the centering bore of the flywheel. Check visually at opening of intermediate plate (arrow).

6. Remove coupling screws and push back coupling on central shaft II. In case of long coupling, remove plug from central tube to unscrew rear bolt.

Beginning with 1984 models one of the three centering pins is stepped (6 mm dia. in area of intermediate ring/pressure plate and 8 mm dia. in flywheel). Consequently the intermediate ring can only be installed in a certain position to the flywheel (see intermediate ring on page 30 - 16 a).

Remove stepped centering pin (large bore in flywheel) completely.

This is only possible in direction of the flywheel.

Drive the other two centering pins in direction of pressure plate as described above, until they are beyond the centering bore of the flywheel (do not remove completely).

928 Flywheel Porsche 928 Clutch Maintenance

The press u re pi ate r ema ins pre-(oad ed and removal will be easier by using 4 mm thick wire brackets (locally made} underneath the bolt heads before loosening the mounting bolts (less force required/brackets bevelled), In addition, it will not be necessary to unscrew the mounting bolts in steps of 1 to 1 1/2 turns.

Also refer to point 6 on page 30 - 6 and point 2 on page 30 - 17.

10. Push back entire clutch (pressure plate, Beginning with 1984 models intermediate ring with starter gear ring, both clutch discs, release lever, release bearing sleeve, central shaft I) and remove downward.

Porsche 928 Clutch ReplacementPorsche 928 Clutch Maintenance

9. Unscrew the clutch mounting bolts one after the other by 1 to 1 1/2 turns until pressure is removed from the pressure plate. Disconnect release lever at ball stud, by pushing the release lever down toward the flywheel. Now remove the mounting bolts.


1. Check and, if necessary, replace clutch parts prior to installation. Also refer to "Disassembling and Assembling Clutch", "Clutch Control Ball Stud Versions" and "Checking Discs, Pressure Plate and Intermediate Plate".

2. Prior to installation push intermediate ring at the three adjusting elements in direction of the release bearing. If applicable, pre-load clutch pressure plate (see page 30 - 17).

3. Assemble clutch (hubs of discs face release bearing, correct location of centering pins from intermediate ring for dowel pin centered clutches — see page 30 - 18). Guide clutch into clutch housing and center discs with drive shaft in grooved ball bearings of crankshaft.

Centering Ball Bearing


The discs are different. Disc I {sometimes marked with white paint dot) is between flywheel and intermediate ring. Disc II (larger liner springs or longer hub) is between pressure plate and intermediate ring (see page 30-14).

When installing discs on short central shaft make sure residual unbalance sides (yellow arrow/black side) are offset 180° opposite each other.

4. Note marks when installing pressure plate, intermediate ring and flywheel.

Guide centering pins of a dowel pin centered clutch into the flywheel. Beginning with 1984 models guide in far enough that correct position of intermediate ring (missing centering pin) to flywheel (large bore) is given. Insert mounting bolts.

5. On cars from 1984 models on align stepped centering pin with centering bore in intermediate ring and drive it in from the flywheel side.

6. Screw in clutch mounting bolts uniformly until the clutch is held tight.

Make sure that central shaft I moves easily. Then remove the clips from underneath the pressure plate bolt heads. If applicable (since 1984 models), drive stepped centering pin further against stop.

Porsche 928 ClutchWiring Diagram 1984 928

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