Removing And Installing Heaterair Conditioner

ยก.Disconnect battery. If car has electrically adjustable seats, move seats to rearmost, lowest position {easier access).

2.Discharge air conditioner.

3.Drain coolant

4.Remove instrument scoops.

5.Remove center console.

6.Remove instrument panel.

7.Remove air ducts to the side vents and to the glove compartment vent.

8.Remove defroster vents.

9.Remove bracket for left-hand oddments tray.

10.Unscrew bracket holding control unit of cruise control and move to right.

11.Remove blower cover in engine compartment.

12.Remove wiper motor.

13.Disconnect plug from thermo-bimetal switch and antifreeze unit.

14.Unscrew low-pressure and high-pressure lines from expansion valve and plug lines.

15.Detach coolant hoses.

16.Unscrew 4 upper and 2 lower mounting nuts. Remove mounting plate.

17.Detach vacuum hoses for fresh air/recirculating air flap (blue), water valve (white) and vacuum line (black).

18.Pull off water drain hose.

19.Withdraw heater-air conditioner.

87 - 98 Removing and Installing Heater-Air Conditioner

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