Removing And Installing Rear Spoiler

Porsche 928 Rear Spoiler

3.Check hinges, renew if necessary.


1.Using new screws, attach hinges to spoiler.

2.To protect paintwork, cover tailgate with adhesive tape.

Removing l.Open tailgate, remove spoiler securing screws and lift spoiler off tailgate.

2.Place spoiler on a soft surface, unscrew securing screws from hinges and remove hinges from spoiler.

Membrane Porsche 928

Printed in Germany - XIII, 1986 Removing and Installing Rear 66 - 25


4.When the new adhesive membrane is applied, the holes in the membrane must align exactly with the holes in the tailgate.

6.To adjust, disengage spoiler, slacken screws and adjust on both sides until spoiler holders engage simultaneously without spoiler touching tailgate.

Porsche 928 Rear Spoiler

5.Set spoiler on tailgate and secure with new micro-encapsulated screws and washers.

928 Spoiler ImagesCapteur Temp Rature Air Porsche 928


1.Remove securing screws.

2.Pull front air dam horizontally off mounting clamps.

3.Press air dam down and remove the inner securing screws.


1.Prior to installation of the front air dam, inspect all securing points and renew as necessary.

3.When pressing the front air dam into the securing clamps, check that the lower edge of the air dam engages the foremost holder on the transverse member.

2.Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.

Fitting the CLUB SPORT emblem


The temperature of the vehicle and that of the foil must be at least 20°C when fitting the emblem .

1. Remove any dirt from the area involved and clean with methlated spirit.

2. Dampen the area on the fender with a 50 % alcohol - water solution to ensure that the foil does not stick immediately when positioning.

3. Pull the beige protective paper from the foil and lay the foil on the edge of the fender.

4. Using a plastic spatula or similar, smooth out the moisture from the center outwards. Make sure that no air bubbles remain trapped.

88/<5 9A

5. Pull the outer protective paper from the foil.

6. Puncture any remaining air bubbles with a needle and press down the foil.

Porsche 928 Rear Spoiler

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