Removing And Installing Valve Springs With Special Tool Made By Sauer

1.Improvise a set of 4 bases from wood or hard rubber for the valves. Length 90 mm, width 40 mm, thickness 6 mm.

2.Position assembly bridge on cylinder head. Use a clamp to secure cylinder head to bench and prevent it tilting.

3.Attach magnetic disassembly head to lever. Compress valve spring in cylinder head and use a small screwdriver to pry taper valve keepers from valve stem.

5.Attach assembly head to lever. Press clamping arms together and insert taper valve keepers in assembly head.

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4.Use the magnetic disassembly head to withdraw all the valve spring parts.

6.Place washer, valve spring stop, valve spring and valve spring plate in cylinder head and compress with assembly head. Engage taper valve keepers by moving lever up and down slightly. This action automatically positions the taper valve keepers correctly.

7.When the taper valve keepers are engaged, the clamping arms of the assembly head point out.

Tools - Cylinder Head 15 - 112 a Removing and Installing Valve Springs


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