Replacing Check Valve


Conform with safety regulations for working on fuel systems!


1. Remove fuel tank cover at bottom.


1. Screw in new check valve with a new seal.

For long neck version fuel pumps the new check valve is installed in addition to the check valve integrated in the pump.

2. Install fuel line with ring adapter and new seals, and secure with cap nut.

928 Porsche Braided Fuel Line Adapters

2. Pinch fuel intake hose with a standard hose clamp and detach hose.

3. Remove hose clamp and check for leaks. Install cover again.

Make sure fuel hose is routed correctly and cannot rub before tightening the cap nut.

3. Disconnect electric wires.

4. Disconnect hose on pressure side of fuel pump by unscrewing cap nut. Catch escaping fuel.

5. Unscrew check valve, while holding on hexagon of fuel pump with a narrow (machined) open-end wrench.

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