Retrofitting new mirror generation for vehicles as of MY


Only for vehicles fitted with door mirrors on 5. Fit mirror (route wire through stud Into mlr-

driver's and passenger's side. ror housing).

1. Remove door mirror.

2. Assemble new door mirror.

3. Cut wire at mirror to required length (connector Is engaged into the reinforcement plate).

4. Install new connectors and engage into connector housing half according to below list.

6. Engage connector into connector housing half.

7. Assemble both connector housing halves and lock connector housing (6-pin) in the reinforcement plate (the 4-pin connector housing is tied out of the way).

8. Fit mirror glass.

Vehicles with seat memory require an additional 4-pin connector (connector sockets).

4 - yellow

On vehicles without seat memory, the wires not required are tied out of the way.

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