Safety notes

Observe the following safety notes when performing body repairs:

Removal of components may change the gravity center of the vehicle.

The vehicle may therefore have to be tied down by additional measures on the lifting platform.

If welding or other spark-generating operations are performed in the vicinity of the battery, the battery must be removed as a rule.

Rooms designated for body repairs may not be used to stock other vehicles without protection (risk of fire damage due to sparks, battery, paint and body glass damage).

Be extremely careful when grinding or welding in the vicinity of the fuel tank and other parts of the fuel system. If necessary, remove any components affected.

Do not weld, braze or solder any parts of the filled air conditioning system. This also applies to welding, brazing or soldering operations on the vehicle that'may result in the risk of components of the air conditioning system warming up.

When drying the vehicle following a respray, do not expose the vehicle to temperatures of max. 80'C for more than 2 hours.

To protect electronic control units against excessive voltage when using electric welding equipment, observe the following safety measures:

Disconnect clamp from negative battery terminal and cover negative battery terminal.

Connect ground clamp of the electric welding equipment directly and as closely as possible to the component to be welded. Make sure no electrically insulated parts are located between the ground clamp and the welding location.

Do not touch electronic control units and electric lines with the ground clamp or with the welding electrode.

Safety notes

Printed in Germany - XX VI I, 1991

Treatment of electronic control units following accident repairs

Following an accident, electronic control units have to be replaced only if at least one of the following conditions is met:

The housing is visibly deformed or damaged.

• The support area and/or console is deformed (no outside damage evident on the unit).

■ The connector is damaged or corroded due to moisture.

Operation check and/or self-diagnosis of the units reveals the following fault:

"Control unit faulty ".

If electronic components, e.g. the ABS control unit, have 1o be removed to allow repair operations to be performed and if they are to be reused afterwards, they must be checked for proper operation according to specifications after they have been refitted.

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