Safety regulations for handling the refrigerant R12

The used refrigerante R12 is known as a safety refrigerant. In other words, this refrigerant Is non-combustible, non-explosive, nontoxic, non-irritating, odorless and tasteless. Nevertheless, you should observe the following points:

1. Any contact with fluid or gaseous refrigerants must be avoided. Affected skin areas must be treated like frost injuries; wash off immediately with cold water and then consult a physician. Protective goggles must be worn to protect the eyes. If refrigerant should nevertheless enter the eye, consult a physician immediately. Rubber gloves must be worn to protect hands.

2. When performing repairs on the air-conditioning system, the refrigerant must be syphoned off from the system and the refrigerant cleaned. Refrigerant must not be allowed to enter the environment, because it attacks the earth's ozone layer.

3. Welding must not be performed on parts of the closed air-conditioning system or close to it under any circumstances, irrespective of whether the system is filled with refrigerant or not, a very high pressure is produced by heating which can lead to damage to the system or even to an explosion. R 12 is completely non-toxic at normal temperatures, but decomposes into hydrogen chloride and fluorocarbon. These decomposition products contain, among other things, chlorine and phosgene. Corresponding care must be taken because these products are damaging to health.

4. Refrigerant bottles must not be thrown and must not be exposed to the sun or other heat sources for a long period in filled condition. The maximum permissible temperature of a filled refrigerant bottle must not exceed 45 °C.

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