Sealing Upper And Lower Crankcase Sections


Only Loctite 574 (orange) should be used as a sealant Loctite 574 will dry only in conjunction with metal and exclusion of air. After applying a coat of sealant the bolts should be installed and tightened no later than 10 minutes, since the sealant on the metal will start to dry.

Removing Old Sealant

The old sealant does not have to be removed for repairs. It is only necessary to remove grease from the surface, so that after the cleaning solution has dried the new coat of sealant can be applied. The new Loctite will dissolve the old sealant in the surface finish and dry again after assembling.

We recommend a fine steel brush or Loctite remover 80646 for removing old sealant, if this is ever necessary.

Applying Sealant

1. We recommend a short-pile velour roller for appli- 2. Roll on a very thin coat of sealant with a velour cation by hand. A tray will also be required for the roller, sealant and should have a rough edge to scrape excess sealant from the roller.

Printed in Germany - VI, 1982

Sealing Upper and Lower Crankcase Sections 13 • 7

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