Test Point

2- Idle speed contact 18 = Ground 3 = Full load contact

1. Checking Fuel Injectors

If engine can be operated, pull off plugs on injectors separately. If fuel injectors are okay, engine speed should drop each time.

If engine cannot be operated, measure voltage on one plug of injectors against ground.

One of both terminals should have battery voltage.

Measure coil resistance of fuel injectors.

Specification: 15 — 17.5 ohms (+15 . . . 30 °C/+ 59 . . .86 °F),


If idle speed switch has a break, there will be no coasting shutoff.

If idle speed switch has a short circuit, there will be a single cutout at high idle speed.

If full load switch has a break, there will be no full load enrichment.

If full load switch has a short circuit, enrichment will be too early and consequently fuel consumption too high.

2. Checking Injection Timing

Adjust oscilloscope according to instructions supplied with tester. Connect adapter line (Bosch "L-Jetronic" No. 1 684 463 093) between one fuel injector and corresponding plug.


Tester leads must not have contact with ground.

Start engine. If injection timing is working correctly, the oscilloscope will display the following oscillographs.

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