Test Point

Leaks in Intake System

1. Remove air intake hoses.

2. Take off upper air cleaner housing and remove hose on blow-off switching valve.

3. Unscrew unlosable hexagon head screws (13 mm wrench size) in lower air cleaner housing and remove lower housing with heated wire air flow sensor. Pull off both multiple pin plugs.

4. Unscrew heated wire air flow sensor on lower air cleaner housing and plug air inlet opening, e. g. with dust cap of original spare part package and heated wire air flow sensor.

5. Install lower air cleaner housing with air flow sensor.

6. Build up approx. 0.5 bar pressure.

7. Spray leak detecting spray on all connections. Bubbles will be produced at leaking points.

TEST POINT 10 Fuel Pressure

1. Unscrew cap nut on injection line. Note:

Be careful that sealing ball does not fall out when removing the cap nut. Catch escaping fuel.

2. Connect pressure tester P 378.

3. Start engine and measure fuel pressure at idle speed.

Specification: approx. 2.0 bar.

Pull off vacuum hose on left pressure regulator.

4. If fuel pressure deviates from specified values, slowly squeeze return line with a clamp applied at rear next to the fuel level transmitter.

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