Testing the engine temperature sensor

The switching point must be just before full | njtjon Qfi load.

Disconnect plugs from the EZK control unit and the LH control unit.

Connect an ohmmeter between terminal 13 and terminal 5 on the LH control unit plug.

Fuel Line Repair 911 Porcshe

Possible faults

Short-circuit to ground Short-circuit to positive Break in the circuit Defective engine temperature sensor

In the event of an error, check with reference to the circuit diagram.

Load Cell Fanatec Repair



When measuring the resistance of the engine temperature sensor, always measure between the contact lug and the housing, as this contains two temperature sensors, independent of one another.



32°F =

4400 n -

6800 il

59 - 86°F =

1400 il -

3600 il

104°F =

1000 il -

1300 n

176°F =

250 fl -

290 il

212°F =

100 il -

210 il

If these values are not achieved during this testing step, measurement must be carried out directly on the engine temperature sensor.

Error code 1121

This error code indicates a fault in the area of the air-flow sensor.

The engine temperature sensor makes the mixture richer for cold or hot start.

In the event of an error, check with reference to the circuit diagram.

Checking the voltage supply to the air-flow sensor:

Ignition off

Disconnect the plug to the air-flow sensor,

Connect terminals 17 and 21 of the disconnected LH control unit plug.

It must be possible to measure the battery voltage between terminal 2 (positive) and terminal 4 (ground) of the disconnected air-flow sensor plug.

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