Disconnect plug I and plug II from control unit.

Function test of AC button

Battery Hold Down 928 Porsche

Connect voltmeter to pin 7 (ground) of plug I and pin 5 (plus) of plug II

Ignition on

Press AC button

Set the air-distribution slide switch to up/down.

Reading: battery voltage

1.) Test voltage supply

Connect voltmeter to pin 2 (plus) and pin 7 (minus) of plug I

Reading: battery voltage

2.) Connect voltmeter to pin 4 (plus) and pin 7 (ground) of plug I

larition on

Reading: battery voltage

Ignition off

Reading: 0 V

Function-testing the individual senders with an ohmmeter.

1.) Temperature sender, cooling water

A resistance of between 1000 ohm and 4000 ohm, depending on engine temperature, should be measurable between pin 1 of plug II and pin 7 of plug I.


2.) Pressure sender, Frigen

Resistance is between 20 ohm and 150 ohm, depending on Frigen pressure.


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