F Valve Springs with Depth Gage


Using a depth gage, measure from surface of valve spring plate through gap to outer spring bearing surface.

Valve spring mod. 85 onward Engine type M 28.43/44

Installation Length • Intake 37,0 + 0,5 mm

Valve spring mod. 86 onward and engine Nr. M28.43 81G 00338 Nr. M28.44 81G 05591 Nr. M28.45 89G 00065 Nr. M28.46 89G 05072 Engine type M28.41/42/47

Installation Length


Valve sprinq

Mod. 85

Mod. 86/87/88/89

It is essential to ensure that the correct valve springs are installed in cars of the various model years.

Free length Outer spring

40,0 mm

43,5 mm

Wire dia. Outer spring

4,1 mm

3,6 mm

Inner spring

2,9 mm

2,7 mm

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