Front Axle Steering and Rear Axle

Torque Specifications for Front Axle 66

Torque Specifications for Steering 68

Torque Specifications for Rear Axle 69

Technical Data - Front Axle, Steering and Rear Axle 71

Wheel Alignment Adjusting Values 72

Coil Springs for Adjustable Spring Struts

Brakes, Wheels and Tires

Torque Specifications for Mechanical Brake System 74

Torque Specifications for Hydraulic Brake System 76

Technical Data for Brake System 78

Rims, Tires and Tire Pressure 82

Electrical System

Location of Fuses and Relays 85

Air Conditioner

Technical Data - Air Conditioner 102

Torque Specifications-Air Conditioner 103

General Technical Data

Dimensions 104

Performance Figures 106

Weights 108

Filling Capacities 110

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