Wheel Alignment Adjusting Values

The following values apply to curbweight according to DIN 70020 (car with full fuel tank, spare wheel and tools)

Front Axle

Height setting:

From the contact surface to measuring point on rear link bearing

Toe-in unpressed

Track difference at20 lock

Camber Caster

Rear Axle

Adjusting Value and Tolerance

190-20 mm"

Height setting:

From tire contact surface to 173 + 10 mm**

measuring point on cross member

Toe-in per wheel Camber

Max. Difference Left to Right

10 mm may only be affected by replacing steering arms

10 mm

* The vehicle alignment settings are applicable to the actual vehicle ride height only (see repair manual pp. 44-1 etc.)

** The height setting values apply to new vehicles. Used vehicles may be up to 10 mm lower, i.e. the tolerance may deviate by minus 10mm. This must, however, be the same for both axles.

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