Front Speed Sensor

Rear Speed Sensor

Wire of front speed sensors is routed via bracket (2) on steering knuckle .

... to bracket (4) on side member and from there it continues through wheel house wall into engine compartment to a wire plug.

Plug is mounted on shock absorber bracket with clips.

6 — Plug (brake pad wear indicator)

Wire ol rear speed sensors is routed from a double holder (7) on wheel carrier .

to a bracket (81 on rear axle cross member and continues from here in an arc to wire plug (9).

Holder for wire plug is mounted on floor plate of rear seat well.

Stop Light Switch

A mechanically operated switch, which is located on a mount above the brake pedal, is installed as a stop light. The switch can be adjusted.

Adjusting Procedure:

- Brake pedal in neutral position.

Adjust distance between stop light switch and brake pedal to 5 mm.

Brake Master Cylinder

A stepped brake master cylinder with two central valves is applied in 928 S cars in conjunction with ABS.

1 — Adapter sleeve

2 — Push rod piston (front wheel brake circuit)

4 - Floating piston (rear wheel brake circuit)

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