V49 Xiii

Plug Designations in CEB Wiring Diagram Example Designation B22 in CEB wiring diagram means single contact is located in plug B, in the first module element (2) and on plug terminal 2. All sleeve-type terminals of wire harness plugs consist of spring contacts, with which safe and almost constant contact force is guaranteed. To remove a sleeve-type terminal from a plug receptacle the pertinent element must first be removed from the total plug, since sleeve-type terminals are also held in place...

92861811100 Wiring Diagram

The contact recesses of the initial element and module element s are marked with numbers 1 through 5. To guarantee perfect arrangement of the different contacts the CEB wiring diagram shows plug group letters which are followed by additional numbers, showing whether the single contact can be found In the initial element or a module element. Number 1 after a letter always means an initial element. Number 2 means the first module element, and so on.


Porsche 996 Abs Relay

CEB Mod. 78 equipped with set of diodes in relay base XI Fuse 13 spare. CEB Mod. 79 set of diodes deleted, tachometric relay air conditioning fitted in base XI. Bridge terminals 30 87 if no air conditioning is fitted. Fuse 13 spare. CEB Mod. 80 - tachometric relay XI deleted, new wiring for different main light circuit combination relay instead of individual relays . Fuses 13 and 7 spare. CEB Mod. 81 fuse allocation changed control of instrument lighting modified . Fuses 13 and 10 spare. CEB...

B 92861811100 141951253 B

Porsche 928 Ceb

B M 249 928.618.107.00 928.618.107.00 141.951.253.B Electric power is supplied to CEB term. 30 through two screwed connections on top of CEB. These connections have a plastic cover. To guarantee firm holding of wire harness plugs on CEB, there is a central locking rail below the group plug plate which can be moved away after pulling a locking grip in the middle. Afterwards the wire plugs can be pulled off if the plug receptacle lock on top of the plug has been pressed off upwards....