Dimensionsremarks Wear limit

Brake booster dia.

Brake master cylinder dia.

. front rear

Brake power regulator (screw-in regulator) Changeover pressure Reduction factor .

Brake disk dia.

front rear

Effective brake disk dia.

front rear

Piston dia. in brake caliper front rear

10 inches 4.5 (inner boost factor)

as of Model 87 with shorter free play (shorter free pedal travel)

Tandem type with 2 central valves 23.81 mm 20.64 mm

18 bar 0.46

304 mm 299 mm

250.8 mm 246 mm per fixed caliper 2 x 44 + 2 x 36 mm per fixed caliper 2 x 30 + 2 x 28 mm

Brake lining area per 126 cm2 front wheel

Brake lining area per 86 cm2 rear wheel

Total lining area 424 cm2

Lining thickness front approx. 13 mm 2 mm rear approx. 13 mm 2 mm

Brake disk thickness new front 32 mm rear 24 mm

Brake disks - min. thickness*

after 30.6 mm 30 mm reworking front 22.6 mm 22 mm rear

Max. thickness tolerance 0.02 mm of brake disk

Max. lateral runout of 0.05 mm brake disk

Max. lateral runout of 0.1 mm brake disk in installed condition

Max. peak-to-valley height 0.006 mm after reworking

Play at brake pedal with brakes bled and engine off (foot brake lever without' stop)

Parking brake (Handbrake)

Handbrake drum dia. Brake shoe width Brake lining area per wheel Brake lining thickness approx. 10 mm due to preset clearances in brake booster

Drum brake, acting mechanically on both rear wheels

180 mm 181 mm

25 mm

85 cm2

* The brake disk must only be reworked symmetrically, i.e. evenly from both sides.


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