Nm ftlb

Upper control arm M 14x1.5 140(103)

to body

body at rear

body at front

Protective bar M10 46(34)

to side member

McPherson strut M10 46(34)

to body

McPherson strut M 12 x 1.5 85 (63)

and stabilizer suspension to lower control arm

Stabilizer clip to side M10 46 (34)


Stabilizer suspen- M 12 x 1.5 85 (63)

sion to stabilizer

control arms to steering knuckle

Protective panel M7 15 (11)

to steering knuckle

Wiring retainer M7 15(11)

to steering knuckle

Brake caliper to M 12x1.5 85(63)

steering knuckle

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