Nm ftlb

Brake booster M8 23(17)

to bulkhead

Brake line to brake master M10 x 1 12 (9)

cylinder, brake hoses, brake power regulator,

T-distributor and hydraulic unit. Connecting line to

4-piston fixed caliper.

Brake hose to M10x1 16.5(122)

4-piston fixed caliper

Rear brake hose to M10x1 14(10)

4-piston fixed caliper

(brake booster)

Bleed screw to 4-piston M10 8-12(6-9)

fixed caliper

Brake master cylinder M 8 23 (17)

to vacuum booster

Screw-in regulator M 10 x 1 14(10)

to. hydraulic unit

Hydraulic unit bracket to M8 23(17)

wheel well

Hydraulic unit to M6 10(7)

hydraulic unit bracket

T-distributor to bracket M 6 10 (7)


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