Nm ftlb

Primary pump M8 20(15)

to front cover

Screw plug M10x1 14(10)

(torque converter)

Front cover to M8 13(10)

transmission case

Support flange to M6 11(8)

transmission case

Screw plug M 27x1.5 70(52)

(counter-bearing brake band B1)

Detent plate to M6 8(6)

range selection shaft

Leaf spring to M6 8(6)

transmission case

Starter interlock and M6 8(6)

reversing light switch to transmission case

Range selector M 6 8 (6)

lever to shaft

Secondary pump M 6 8 (6)

to transmission case

Nut for shaft M6 6(4)

of governor axial mounting

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